Manotick Soap Box Derby 2016

Sunday, August 28th.
Beaverwood Rd, Manotick.

Registration is now open! Don’t miss out!

What would summer be without Manotick’s Annual Soap Box Derby? This is a chance to get the family together, learn some new skills building and decorating your soapbox cart, get outdoors and away from screens and most importantly, have some fun!

  • If designing a soapbox cart is too daunting, you can buy a cart kit ready for assembly. Search the web or email* for further information.
  • No-one needs to be left out for lack of a cart. In advance of Derby Day, you can contact us* to make the necessary arrangements to borrow a cart (subject to availability).
  • This year again children with special needs can experience the thrill of the hill in Super Kids races in our dual seat carts driven by experienced derby drivers.
  • Volunteers and Sponsors please email* us to indicate how you would like to be involved.

The pre-registration form can be found at –
The registration form for Super Kids at
And, information about cart specifications and racing rules at –

*Please email queries to

We’ll see you at the races!


OCHF/recLINK is Hiring a Summer Student!

We are inviting applications from students between the ages of 15-30 for a paid summer job as an Operations Assistant with OCH Foundation in the recLINK office. We especially encourage applications from Ottawa Community Housing tenants, aboriginal individuals, those living with a disability, and visible minorities.

Please note the short turnaround time. Applications must be received by e-mail no later than Tuesday, June 28th at 2pm. Interviews will take place between June 29/30. The successful applicant must be available to begin their full-time 8 week contract on Monday, July 4th.

More details can be found in the job ad by clicking here.

Tara Howlett, BA, HBSW, MSW
Director, Community Engagement
OCH Foundation for Healthy Communities
Office: (613) 422-1555
Mobile: (613) 784-0420
Fax: (613) 422-4556
Dalhousie Community Centre
755 Somerset Street West, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6R1

Lemonade Standemonium in Riverside South – Saturday June 4th

Four years ago, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation started the Lemonade Standemonium fundraising initiative, where kids get to register a lemonade stand with their friends and help with the fight against cancer! The funds from the fundraiser help the ORCF support research and cancer care in our community through their Cancer Coaching Health and Social Care Service, ongoing cancer research and clinical trial programs.

It is exciting to see these stands pop up around Riverside South every year…an opportunity for kids to learn some entrepreneurial skills and the importance of philanthropic endeavors.

One such group of kids is celebrating their 3rd year in the initiative. Tyson and Taryn Scrivener, Foster and Ian Ecklund, Penelope Ellis-Thompson, Cameron Keylor, Gavin MacDonald and Izabella Caputo have had a wonderful time putting up their stand each year, which boasts not only delicious lemonade, but yummy baked goods. Along with online funds raised through their virtual stand, they have raised over $3,000!!!

This year they are setting up during the Riverside South Community Association’s community garage sale on Saturday, June 4th at the Rideauview Community Centre from 9am-1pm.

Keep your eye out for this stand, as well as all of the other stands that will be popping up around the neighbourhood…support our kids and help them put an end to cancer!

Click here for the Virtual Stand for Donations


OCDSB: Secondary School Review Consultation

The Secondary School Program Review was initiated in 2011 to review the way programs and services are delivered in secondary schools, using the lens of equity of access and breadth of programming. The goals of the review were:

  • to create a better understanding of secondary school programming in order to align District decision making to position our students for academic achievement and well-being;
  • to address whether there were barriers to student success found in the programs, and if so, to identify solutions; and
  • to look at secondary schools and their programs as a collective to inform future planning.

The Secondary School Review included seven major areas of study, including:

The review will make recommendations for changes to the OCDSB Secondary School Program Framework. The framework provides guiding principles for the District’s secondary program offerings and establishes guidelines for the different types of program delivery models. It is the organizational template for how secondary school programs should be offered in the District.

Guiding Principles of the Secondary School Program Framework:

  • Equity of access to, and breadth of programming in all community schools (the primary model of secondary school program delivery);
  • Equity of access to inter-school programs and District programs for learning not offered in the community school;
  • To minimize transitions;
  • Program viability and sustainability; and
  • Digital fluency.

Providing Feedback
The school district is undertaking a community wide consultation process to obtain feedback on the recommendations of the Secondary School Review. The goals of the consultation are to:

  • engage stakeholders in building their understanding about the Secondary School Review; how it came to be; and the work that has been accomplished;
  • have a collaborative dialogue about the revised Secondary School Program Framework, how it will impact student learning and what considerations need to be addressed in the implementation stage;
  • discuss how the proposed recommendations support the vision of secondary schools of the future and how this will inform future pupil accommodation review processes; and
  • obtain specific feedback on the Secondary School Review recommendations;

Who can participate?
We encourage everyone to participate in this process. The programming and structure of our secondary schools affects the way that all of our programs and services can be offered. We welcome feedback from all parents, students, staff, community members, and the general public.

How will the consultation occur?
There are several ways you can participate:

  • Attend a Discussion Forum;
  • Participate in a Community Association Meeting discussion and submit your collective feedback;
  • Attend a presentation at an OCDSB Advisory Committee meeting or OCASC meeting;
  • Participate or watch our Google Hangout; and
  • Review the resource material and send us your comments electronically.

Discussion Forums
There will be four discussion forums held across the city. The Forums will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on:

  • April 12th at Gloucester High School;
  • April 13th at the Confederation Education Centre;
  • April 27th at Hillcrest High School; and
  • May 5th at AY Jackson Secondary School.

Please register online for the forum you wish to attend.

Google Hangout
The Google Hangout is an online version of the Discussion Forum. You can participate live on April 28th at 3:30 p.m. Can’t make that date? The session will be recorded and available online after that date. Please register on line in advance if you want to participate in the live Google Hangout.

School Council Meetings
We have encouraged school councils and principals to consider scheduling this issue for discussion at a school council meeting in April or May. Check your school website for more information about upcoming school council meetings.

Advisory Committee and Ottawa-Carleton Assembly of School Councils (OCASC) meetings
This item will be topic of discussion on the agendas of many of our advisory committee meetings. Take a look at this list to see if there is a meeting that suits your schedule:

  • 13 April 2016 Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) meeting;
  • 18 April 2016 Alternative Schools Advisory Committee;
  • 21 April 2016 OCASC meeting;
  • 25 April 2016 Advisory Committee on the Arts Staff presentation;
  • 27 April 2016 Special Education Advisory Committee meeting;
  • 28 April 2016 Advisory Committee on Equity Staff presentation; and
  • 05 May 2016 Student Summit Meeting (Joint Student Senate and Student Council Presidents’ meeting).

Submit your feedback electronically
If you are unable to attend one of our sessions and wish to submit your feedback electronically, please use the following link after Wednesday, April 6th.

Where can I get more information?
The District website ( has detailed information about the Secondary School Review and includes background information on each of the seven working groups, their reports, background research and the summary report of the Review.

If you have questions on this process, please direct them to


Canadian Cancer Society – Volunteers Needed

Daffodil Days are coming quick and the Canadian Cancer Society is still in need of hundreds of volunteers across the city to help with daffodil pin sales over the next two weekends. (Apr 1-3 & 8-10).

The monies raised through pin sales funds live saving research, provides more than 6000 rides annually to cancer treatment in Ottawa, peer support for patients and their caregivers to just name a few.

Please consider registering at

Please also share this message with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Ottawa Garden Days/ Journées du jardin d’Ottawa

We are getting ready to celebrate Garden Days and we need your help.

Yes, Ottawa is preparing to participate in the national celebration of gardens and gardening, see attached Ottawa Garden Days presentation.

Gardens, public and private, are important to our quality of life, in every sense of the word, as you may know. I am sure that your community association is aware of garden groups in your community.

We would truly appreciate if you could pass on the attached invitation to them inviting them to participate and celebrate what gardens do for your community, by organizing an activity in your community.

At the Ottawa Garden Council our aim is to have activities in every city ward and to be Canada’s most vibrant Garden Days city.

With that in mind, we are looking for Garden Days Ambassadors in every City wards. Attached is the role of an Ottawa Garden Days Ambassador. If you know someone that loves gardens or gardening and might be interested, please pass it on.

Thank you for supporting this initiative and remember “Gardens Make Our Communities Grow”.

We are known as a green Capital, our big vision is to make Ottawa, “A Garden Friendly City” and Capital.

Le Conseil du jardin d’Ottawa aimerait avoir votre appui pour faire un succès des Journées du jardin d’Ottawa 2016. Ci-joint une présentation, on excuse en anglais mais si vous visitez, , vous aurez une présentation en français de ce qu’est Les Journées du jardin.

Si vous connaissez un groupe dans votre communauté qui s’intéresse au jardin et/ou le jardinage, svp leur faire parvenir cette information. Notre objectif est d’avoir des activités dans tous les quartiers de la ville.

On recherche des personnes, ambassadeurs, qui pourrait travailler avec nous pour faire un succès des Journées du jardin d’Ottawa dans votre communauté. Si vous connaissez une personne svp lui envoyer l’information, on excuse en anglais seulement pour le moment.

Merci de votre collaboration et ensemble on peut faire valoir l’importance des jardins, publiques et privés, pour nos communautés. « Les jardins ça fait pousser nos communautés »

Notre vision c’est qu’Ottawa ne soit pas simplement une Capitale verte mais une « Ville amie des jardins ».

Garden Days 2016 – Ambassador Invitation

Les Journées du jardin d’Ottawa 2016 – une invitation � participer 2

Ottawa GARDEN DAYS – Garden Forum Presentation

Ottawa Garden Days 2016 – Invitation to Participate

Michel Gauthier

Ottawa Garden Council
Conseil du jardin d’Ottawa

T: 613 301 4554

Ottawa Garden Map/Carte des jardins d’Ottawa