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June 1, 2009 Print E-mail
Monday, 01 June 2009

Increased OC Transpo Service Planned for Riverside South and Leitrim

I am pleased to report that Council recently approved the 2009 Transplan. As you may have heard, in Riverside South and Leitrim there will be a new rapid transit bus route. Route 99 will be introduced to run between Riverview Station, Leitrim Station, and downtown via the Southeast Transitway.

Along with this, the local service within Riverside South would be revised, with the rural express service on Route 45 combined into the schedule of Route 99.  As well, there are plans for two new park and ride stations, Riverview Station and Leitrim Station which will be along the future transit corridor that had been intended to be the location of the previous light rail project. Riverview Station will include 160 parking spaces in phase one, with room to expand over time to 930 spaces. Leitrim Station will include 290 parking spaces, with future room to expand to 1200 spaces.

As development continues west in the Findlay Creek area of Leitrim, Route 144 will be extended to make connections with Route 99 at Leitrim Station.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Celebrate Environment Week May 29 - June 6th

This week marks Environment Week in Canada and I invite you to make some minor adjustments that can have a major impact on our environment.  You can buy locally grown food, switch your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, go for a walk, turn off electronic equipment when the are not in use, and invest in reusable shopping bags.  Simple changes that will make a world of difference!
Mark you Calendars!

June is a very busy month and I would like to invite you to a few events:

  • Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge Open House on June 18th at the Rideauview Community Centre from 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Riverside South Community Design Plan Update on June 23rd at the Rideauview Community Centre from 7pm-9pm.
  • Leitrim Park and Ride Open House on June 29th at the Rideauview Community Centre from 5pm-7pm.

Hydro Ottawa Conservation Initiative

I am pleased to report that Hydro Ottawa is continuing to promote electricity conservation this summer. From May to August, Hydro Ottawa representatives will travel to various community events in a special “Conservation Van” to educate residents on the importance and benefits of conserving electricity. The program also provides customers with concrete ways to reduce their energy consumption.

Please visit www.hydroottawa.com for more or to book the Conservation Van at your next community event.

Doors Open Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is opening its doors for the annual Doors Open Ottawa on June 6th and 7th with many historic, unique and distinct buildings opening up to the public.  This free event is an excellent opportunity to take in the fine architecture of our City and there are 108 different buildings, including the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority located at 3889 Rideau Valley Drive, that are included on this self-guided tour. 

Visit the City’s website for more information on participating locations at www.ottawa.ca/doorsopen

Thank you!

I would like to thank all residents who participated in the Riverside South Community Garage Sale last week and those who took the time to drop by Moncion’s Your Independent Grocer to review the Limebank Plans. I am always interested in listening to your feedback and comments on local issues.

Can I help?

Please call me at (613) 580-2751, or email Steve.Desroches@Ottawa.ca.  You can also visit my website at www.stevedesroches.ca.

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