Friday Night Youth Drop-In Program

Youth Night Drop-Ins run Friday evenings from 6-10pm at the Rideauview Community Centre.

The City of Ottawa, in partnership with the Riverside South Community Association and the Riverside Pizzeria, host a youth night where youth are invited to come hang out with friends and participate in a variety of activities. Activities include but are not limited to: sports in the gym, crafts, gaming system competitions, movies, and special events.

  • Ages 9-13 yrs – 6pm-8:30pm
  • Ages 14-18 yrs – 8:30pm-10pm

Every few weeks we host a special event. Contact the centre for information on our upcoming theme nights and more information.

Reminder to all PARENTS…

  • All youth who attend must sign in and out. No in and out privileges.
  • We recommend that children under 12 be picked up at the front doors.

For more information, please call Rideauview Community Centre at 613-822-7887 ext. 21.