Outdoor Rinks – 2017 Season Recap

The Riverside South Community Association maintains outdoor rinks in Boothfield Park, Spratt Park, Mountain Meadows Park, and Nimiq Park through the commitment and support of local volunteers, as well as sponsorship from the City of Ottawa. The RSCA would like to thank all the volunteers for the many hours they spent ensuring our community had great ice surfaces this season!

Boothfield: David Raganold (coordinator), Ziad Bou-Ziad, Jeff McGregor, Philip Clement, Carlo Versace, Geordie Adams, and Fred Boisvenue.

Spratt Rink: Fraser Thom (coordinator), Trevor Zuccato, Darren Unchman, Samuel du Perron, Chris Hill, Greg Tessario, Mark Albright, Mark Wiebe, Steve Strickey, Chris Kingsbury, Nick Varty, Casey Hanson, Chris Dales, Adam Blackadder, Grant Tessario, Pete Cantrell, Derek Corneil, Mike Cummings, Cary Viitaniemi, and Mark Vanasse.

Nimiq: John Carson (coordinator), Bill Johnston, Darrell Wiggins, Dave Bowering, JM Voltan, James Goff, John Brayman, John Buttler, and Vlad Mahu.

Mountain Meadows: Jason St.Pierre (coordinator), John Grochot, Sean O’Hagan, Steve Volk, Sam Osman, John Mundy, John Oliveira, and Naz Ghadban.