The RSCA Board of Directors wish to promote and encourage both residents and non-residents of the Riverside South Community to sponsor the RSCA, its activities and events.

In accepting sponsorships, the Board of Directors shall act without bias. In addition, any acceptance of sponsorships shall not be considered as an endorsement of any kind of the sponsor or the sponsor’s products or services.

Accordingly, the following guidelines shall apply with respect to any advertising to promote said sponsors:

  1. Banners or similar-type displays as approved by the Board of Directors may be displayed at events where facilities or events permit subject to having paid the advertising fee as set by the Board of Directors from time to time.
  2. No direct soliciting shall be permitted at RSCA events by any sponsor and/or member unless such events are specifically designed to promote products or services or unless otherwise approved in writing by the Board of Directors.
  3. Any other forms of advertising through the RSCA should be done through its business directory, webpage or as may otherwise be determined by the Board of Directors.
  4. Any violation of the aforementioned guidelines shall be addressed by the Board of Directors as it deems appropriate.

This policy statement may be amended from time to time.

Dated and ratified this 18th day of November 1999.


  1. Directors and Members of the Board of Directors shall disclose to the board, prior to engaging in any activities that may be seen as conflict of interest, such as, but not limited to:
    1. Having a vested interest in an external entity which may provide materials or service to the Association;
    2. Being offered services or materials as a result of employment or position with the Association;
    3. Making use of a position with the Association to solicit services or materials for personal gain;
    4. Utilizing Association equipment, services or materials for an external business;
    5. Pursuing personal gain over the well being or needs of people supported.
  2. Non compliance of this policy shall constitute cause for removal from the board.
  3. Board members shall confirm in writing that they have received and read this policy and procedure at the first meeting of the board of directors that they attend following their election.
  4. Board members shall declare immediately during their term any new conflicts that may arise.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 January 2009 )


  1. Expenditures must be approved in advance, and may be authorized according to the following thresholds:
    • $0 to $150 – Authorized by President or Vice-President in the President’s absence
    • $150 to $1500 – Authorized by Simple majority vote by the Board of Directors
    • Over $1500 – Three-Quarters majority vote by the Board of Directors or a simple majority vote at a General Meeting
  2. In an emergency situation:
    • The President, or the Vice-President in the President’s absence, may authorize expenditures not to exceed $500.
    • Directors and Executive Officers may authorize expenditures not to exceed $50
  3. Goods acquired become property of Riverside South Community Association Inc.
  4. Reimbursement requests should be submitted as soon as possible, and no later than thirty (30) calendar days, after the expense is incurred. All reimbursement requests shall be sent to the Treasurer accompanied with receipts and/or supporting documentation.
  5. Reimbursement cheques shall be numbered and signed by any two of the Treasurer, President, Vice-President or Social Director.
  6. Accounts for all expenditures shall be presented by the Treasurer for approval at a meeting of the Board of Directors on a monthly or otherwise agreed upon basis. Directors shall satisfy themselves that the expenditures have been properly incurred according to the following guidelines:
    • Expenditure must benefit the community as a whole, not a specific individual or group of individuals; or, te expenditure is required for the effective operation of the Association;
    • Expenditure must be in accordance with Association bylaws and policies including, but not limited to, the Conflict of Interest policy.
    • Where appropriate, reasonable efforts have been made to obtain sponsorships or discounts for the expenditure
  7. Acceptable Expenditures could include:
    • Supplies and Equipment for community events.
    • Office supplies, printing and copying, web site, information technology, and other expenses related to Association operations, communications, correspondence and advertising.
    • Parking fees (but not mileage) for attendance at meetings or events where required to represent the Association.
    • Other expenses as required to fulfill the goals of the association.

Adopted September 16, 2004
Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 January 2009 )


Protecting your privacy is important to Riverside South Community Association, Inc. (RSCA). The following policy provides information on how The RSCA collects, uses, and safeguards the personal information you provide. This policy may change from time to time. Please reread this policy periodically.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Riverside South Community Association (RSCA) collects personal information (such as name, address, phone number and e-mail addresses) from its members solely for the purposes of communicating with its members and providing information about the size and make-up of its membership base. The RSCA will not share or give out any personal information to any outside group.

From time to time, the RSCA will undertake surveys to determine the opinions or needs of all Riverside South residents. Information from surveys will be shared only with groups with a vested interest in the results and will only be shared in aggregate. No individual responses will be shared outside of the RSCA without consent.

The RSCA will try to ensure that information about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, please inform the RSCA of any change of name, address or other information. In the event you have questions about the accuracy of factual information we have collected about you, you will have access to that information in order to verify and update it.

Use of Cookies
The RSCA Web site uses a browser feature called a “cookie” to collect information anonymously and track user patterns on the RSCA website. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a website. “Cookies” contain a unique identification number that identifies your browser, but not you, to our computers each time you visit one of our websites. Cookies tell us which pages of our websites are visited and by how many people.

The use of cookies is an industry standard and many major browsers are initially set up to accept them. You can reset your browser to either refuse to accept all cookies or to notify you when you have received a cookie. However, if you refuse to accept cookies, you may not be able to use some of the features available on our websites.

Data Security
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure only appropriate use of information, appropriate physical and electronic safeguards have been established to secure the information collected.

If you have any questions or concerns about the personal information about you held by the RSCA, please contact the RSCA at info@riversidesouth.org.

Dated and ratified this 15th day of January 2004.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 17 January 2009 )