Pressure Reducing Valves – Ottawa South

Residents of Ottawa South,

Please see the response below we have recently forwarded to Councillor Qaqish, which will now modify the proposed implementation program for installation of PRV and pressure tanks. Once we have developed a list of pre-qualified plumbers you will contacted to complete the installation in your home. We anticipate installations to begin sometime in late September. There is sufficient time, as the pressure zone changes will not occur until the Spring of 2017.

Fraser Smith

Councillor Qaqish,

Based on current correspondence received from residents about the PRV and Pressure Tank Program in Ottawa South, there is now significant concern on how the program is to be implemented. The two main concerns identified by the residents is that they have to hire a plumber on their own and they will have to wait for payment from the City after it is initially paid for by each resident. Residents are requesting an alternate method to implement the installation of the PRV’s and pressure tanks in Ottawa South.

We have contacted the City’s Purchasing Department to see if an alternate delivery method could be formulated, which would satisfy both Purchasing/Legal and resolve the concerns raised by the residents. Based on these discussions, we now have a new recommended course of action which is as follows:

  1. Homeowner contacts the project team requesting the pressure reducing valve be installed in their home
  2. They are given a name and contact number of a licensed, approved plumber to perform the work
  3. The homeowner books directly with the plumber to do the work
  4. City reviews the work and pays the plumber directly

Each property will be notified of the following information:

  • After the one year maintenance period has expired, all property owners will own and be responsible for maintenance of all installations.
  • Typical maintenance and recommended replacement schedules for the installed equipment, will be provided to the property owners.
  • Property owners will be required to sign a release in favour of the City for the installed devices.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fraser Smith, P. Eng.
Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Projects
Infrastructure Services Department
Design and Construction Municipal East Branch
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