Seniors Committee

Working in coordination with the RSCA Executive, this committee will prepare a “Seniors Strategy for Riverside South” to implement affordable housing, services, transportation, and facilities specifically for seniors. This strategy will take into account and aim to influence local builders who are heavily involved in the expansion of Riverside South. Similarly, we intend to collaborate with the City Planning Department and councillors to include salient aspects of the strategy in the expansion of Riverside South and any bylaw updates.

The committee has also joined forces with the Barrhaven Seniors Council in a joint application “We’re Here: Keeping Suburban Seniors Healthy and Active” to the Seniors Secretariat to fund the cost of required studies in support of the strategy and have reached out to the Findlay Creek Community Association to work together on seniors related service opportunities.

We welcome your input and ideas on how we can best serve our senior-aged residents to make Riverside South an even more inviting place to enjoy life. Committee meetings are open to area seniors and those with an interest in our initiatives and are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month from noon-2pm at the Rideauview Community Centre. Please send comments to