The RSCA and the Riverside South community are extremely appreciative of our volunteers! Volunteers make things happen!  If you are interested in volunteering in our community with the RSCA please fill out the volunteer form at the bottom of this page.

We are seeking a mixture of volunteers interested in:

  • Contributing a few hours here and there on an as needed basis;
  • Helping with specific events;
  • Helping support specific portfolios;
  • Becoming a director of a particular portfolio.
  • The effectiveness of association is ultimately determined by our ability to communicate with residents.

The RSCA comprises the following activity areas:

  • Social – Plan and run events
  • Civic Affairs – Development, City services, and infrastructure issues
  • Parks and Recreation – Improve the quality of the recreation opportunities in the community
  • Marketing – Build a brand image within and outside the community
  • Sponsorship – Obtain sponsorships for the association
  • Volunteering – Coordinate volunteer efforts, recruit new volunteers, develop ways to recognize volunteers.
  • Fund raising – Identify ways to help increase funds available for community-improvement activities (such as fund raising drives, events or grants)
  • Communications – Develop and plan communication materials for residents, media and other groups, for example publishing the RSCA newsletter
  • Web Site – Develop and maintain the web site (part marketing, part communications)
  • Equipment Management – Manage, maintain and purchase equipment for the association
  • Treasurer – Handle association finances
  • Secretary – Record and maintain official corporation documents

If you’d like to volunteer, please  fill out the volunteer form and we’ll be in touch with you.