Your Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the Riverside South Community Association (RSCA) is to channel the voices of the residents towards the development and maintenance of a safe, vibrant, and attractive community.

Vision Statement

In this dynamic environment of community growth and city amalgamation, the RSCA will pursue excellence in the development and maintenance of community spirit and the responsive and cost-effective provision of information, advisory, support, and advocacy services to the Riverside South community. This vision encompasses the following principles:

  • Proactive support, consideration, and coordination of the community’s needs and Association’s membership
  • Respect for and appreciation of the Association’s volunteer community
  • Financial responsibility in all of its activities
  • Effective liaison and lobbying at all levels of government to ensure that this community’s needs are heard and understood
  • Promotion of this community’s diversity
Riverside South Community Association Bylaws
RSCA By-laws

What We Do

The Riverside South Community Association (RSCA) and its members are excited about this great, new community and the potential it has to offer and we hope you’ll share our positive sentiment, if you don’t already.

RSCA’s Mission is to channel the voices of residents towards the development and maintenance of a safe, vibrant and attractive community. We work on this every day.

RSCA is a non-profit organization that operates with a group of local residents – all volunteers, organized as an Executive and occasional volunteers.

The Executive is charged with managing the Association and has responsibilities that include:

  • Chairing monthly RSCA meetings.
  • Debating and voting on items of interest to the community.
  • Coordinating activities that involve residents and outside organizations.
  • Sponsoring events.

General Objectives

The general objectives of the RSCA are:

  • To act as an agent for the generation of opportunities that will encourage interest and participation in community affairs and activities
  • To act as a voice for the interests of the community by expressing coordinated views that contribute to awareness of their needs
  • To act as a forum for communication, participation, and coordination among all members of the community and government

We Provide

The RSCA is organized to provide a number of specific services to its members, which include:

  • administrative services
  • advice and information
  • organizing community events
  • periodic newsletters and website updates
  • government advocacy
  • promotional services

We Value

The RSCA values

  • diversity and creativity within its community
  • community involvement
  • partnerships where people can work together in support of the community
  • communication as a means to foster understanding and dialogue