Blood Donor Clinics in Riverside South

BloodAs the RSCA continues to promote health in the community, we host a blood donation clinic every two months. Through your gift of blood, you can give life to hospital patients in our region. In the past year, the RSCA hosted 6 clinics all at different locations, including the Fred Barrett Arena, which is some distance outside the community. Logistically, this has been a challenge for recruiting new donors because we have not been successful in securing a permanent location. We need your help to make our clinics successful – to book your appointment to give blood, please visit

Clinics are also a good chance for members to find out about exciting programs with the Canadian Blood Services such as Stem cell and Cord Blood donation. Community members are encouraged to come support this cause by bringing a friend (+17) to the clinic.

Note: Kindly check the Calendar for the next venue

For further information, please contact